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Veteran owned and operated

About us

Ready Mix Hydrochipping's Story

In  2010, after many long years of Military and pubic service it was time for a change for the then Captain Adorjan. Embarking on his fist entrepreneurial endeavor, President and CEO John Adorjan, took a page from the famous investor Warren Buffet. "Invest in things you like", said Buffet. Rhino Pro Flooring was born and eventually grew in what is today Diamond Polished Design Group (DPDGINC) a full service concrete polishing and industrial Polyaspartic and Epoxy coatings company.  Year to date DPDGINC has installed more Polyaspartic floor coatings for the Fire and EMS industry than anyone nationwide and polished and restored Hundreds of thousands of square feet of concrete and terrazzo.


As 2018 came to and end, Diamond Polished Design Groups most successful year ever, we set our sights on a relatively new and exciting technology; Hydroblasting for the concrete Ready-Mix industry.

In early 2019 we hope to by fully operational serving Ready-Mix plants in North Carolina, South Carolina and Virginia using this exciting, safer and cost saving technology. 

Using the company motto

"Nemo vir est qui mundum non reddat melioem" 

Translated from Latin; "What man is a Man who does not try and make the world better" is what drives both business to achieve great success, offer exceptional service , exceeding customer expectations,  at a fair price.

I look forward to meeting you and your team. 

- John Adorjan President & CEO