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Predictive Preventative Maintenance

Dead Concrete

That build up in your drum is hurting your bottom line . The premise is simple reduce the weight in your drum and reduce your diesel and maintenance bills. 


Hydro chipping on a planned schedule will ensure those fuel savings will be predictable. Depending on your fleet size and admix hydro chipping 3-4 times per year will keep things running smoothly.  

NRMCA Statistics

The National Ready Mix Concrete Association estimates that the average round trip per truck is 14.28 Miles.  For every 100 miles traveled with an extra 2,000 lbs or 1/2 Yard of dead concrete in your truck requires about 1.54 extra gallons of diesel. Given 2018-2019 Diesel prices, and very conservative weight and mileage estimates, that saving equates to about $1,000 per truck fuel savings a year!


You have updated your mixing plant technology, you use in transit management systems to ensure the highest quality of your product, you maintain your fleet to make it last longer and save money.  You call the "Chippers" , who may or may not show up when you need them, after you have discovered a problem. The solution; A Predictive Preventative Maintenance Program for your fleet. Ready-Mix Hydro Chipping will work with you to determine what best for you. 

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